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Below we present the additional information concerning the Software License Agreement, use of programms, privasy policy and also about payment of the registration of games.


Below we present fragments from the text of the Software LICENSE AGREEMENT, with which you will need to agree (to sign) at installation of games.

"...The installation of the software is considered as your full and unconditional consent with conditions of the given Agreement, which is the legal agreement between You, and holder of the software.
...The holder of the software is Kromin A., hereinafter named "manufacturer". The software distributed by the manufacturer, and bought by You, is object of the copyright and is protected by the law.
...The proprietary rights at the software belong to the extremely manufacturer. The license gives You the right of use of the software, at observance of certain conditions limitations.
...The violation of the present Licensing Agreement is violation of the Law of Russian Federation "About a right protection of the software for electron computers and data bases" and is pursued under the Law.
...The software delivers "as is". "Manufacturer" does not guaranteeing, that the software does not contain errors, and also does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect consequences of application of the software, including arisen because of possible software errors.
..."Manufacturer" does not give any warranties obvious or implied, that the software will answer your requirements or expectations. Neither "manufacturer", nor other firms or persons have the relation to distribution of the software, do not bear the responsibility for direct or indirect losses (including the losses from loss of the profit) which can arise owing to use of the software."

The operation of the Agreement is distributed both to games with paid registration, and on games with charge-free registration.

Use of programms (games).

The programms can be used only by you on direct purpose - for game.
You are obliged to not distribute the software. Distribution of the software is understood as granting of access to the third person to components of the software, reproduced in any form, including network and other different ways, and also by sale, hire, lease or lending. You can not be engaged or to suppose other to try to decompile (to transform an object code to a source code) software, to introduce any changes to an object code, to give the sublicenses or other rights at the software to the third person.

Privacy policy.

We ask you to supply your personal data only at the stage of registration of the programms (games). At download of games we do not ask you registration on our site or filling any forms.
At registration of the games, both paid and charge-free we ask at you only name and E-mail address. It is necessary that we could send you a code of registration and to identify your purchasing. We quarantee, that your E-mail addresses will not be used by us for send a spam and will not be handed to the third persons. E-mail adresses are stored in a data base protected by the password, and consequently are not accessible for network robots.
At paid registration you will need to supply additional personal data, such as number of credit card, addess etc. This data you transmit to a USA system of Inernet-payments PLIMUS, instead of as, on protected (encoded) SSL connection. We have not access to this information and therefore we do not store it on our server. We receive only acknowledgement of the fact of your payment from the PLIMUS. PLIMUS

The order of payment of registration.

Originally you download and install games on the computer free of charge. The games divided in two groups: with charge-free (Free) and paid (Demo) registration. The games with charge-free registration are functionally full and without registration. The registration of a game will allow you to receive news from our site and will save of the reference to our site on the main window of a game.
The games of a Demo type will become full-function only after registration on our site. The registration of these games is paid and is carried out in online mode by a specialized system of Internet-payments PLIMUS (www.plimus.com). The system of Internet-payments PLIMUS provides safe realization of payments and maintains the following legal tenders: Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCB International, electron purses Pay Pal, fax, US Postal service, phone and check.
Before registration of games type Demo you have a capability to form a true notion of a game and it quality. The programms (games) deliver "as is", therefore we do not make a charge-back for the reasons: "the game does not answer our requirements or expectations", "the game has not liked" and other similar reasons.


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