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Ten reasons to use FastFotoScale

You have a great number of photos and you''d like to present them to your friends, but they don''t fit into USB/CD/DVD-disks. FastFotoScale can help you to do that within several minutes. more...

You would like to make a slide show or presentation but all the images are of different size and format. Never mind. FastFotoScale will make all the images exactly the same size and format. more...

You would like to watch your photos on TV screen but your DVD player does not admit the folders included. more...

You are not happy with your photos resolution – FastFotoScale can change it. more...

You would like to select and capture all the images together from the whole disk. FastFotoScale will do that and put them into one folder and, at the same time, it can select the images from the type mentioned only. more...

You need to convert different format images into one format. FastFotoScale can convert images of any format into any format you want. more...

You need to publish the images gallery on the internet – FastFotoScale can cope with this task as well. You can prepare any number of your images of different size easily and can put them in the same folders. more...

You have electronic photo frame with the resolution of 800*600 dpi, and the photos are much bigger in size. There's no need to overload your weak photo frame processor. FastFotoScale will reduce the photo size and will do that better than a photo frame. And you can fit much more photos into it. more...

You are making a presentation. There are many files (not only images) and a great number of folders included. But… the presentation does not fit into the carrier you would like to distribute it on. You need to change the images format or size immediately. more...

You would like to pass you photo archive to your friends but you don't want them to read your comments to the photos. FastFotoScale will delete all the comments. more...

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Lifetime License*
New feature - recovery from CD and DVD discs with a combining of 2 or more files.
Protect your photos by using 2D barcode!
Set all GPS geo coordinates with just one click!
It is so easy to create a 3D photo with Fastfotoscale!
Main window FastFotoScale.
Windows 8 ALL
Windows 7 ALL
Windows Vista ALL
Windows XP
Windows 98SP2
Run on 32 and 64-bit OS

  FastFotoScale is a complete solution for home photo archive. It has all the necessary tools for managing thousands of photos. The main concept of Fastfotoscale is organization of photo archive for long term use. In developing the program, we set the following objectives:
  - program must provide quick and easy way to find desired photos;
  - archive should allow free movement or removal of photos. In other words, the archive should be self-documented;
  - original photos must remain the untouched for future processing by other software;
  - Your work on the organization of images should not disappear by changing the program or changing the principle of archiving.
  These tasks are solved by storing metadata (title, subject, keywords, geographical data, etc.) at the same time in the photo itself, and database files. In this case, the database is automatically restored and updated as needed without effort on your part since each picture contains full information in its meta tags. The database allows to speed up the process of finding photos. The availability of metadata in a photos allows to create a different collections of photos which are documented as well as the main archive.
  Simultaneously Fastfotoscale performs organizing photos on the disc: renaming, changing the folder structure, sorting etc. And synchronously it builds the structure of mirror folders for the original photos. These photos are still intact for future use. However, you can easily associate the original photo to the photo in the archive. In order to see how to use the program, click here .
  Fastfotoscale also solves many other tasks, which are listed below.



working with the whole folder tree . Rebilding folders tree based on the Exif tags;
batch adjusting, resizing and cropping images;
fitting with nonlinear compression and stretching images into the reference dimension rectangle without cropping
renaming image files with autoincrement, date, time, EXIF data, adding the folder name and so on;
supporting audio comments in viewing mode and WEB & PC albums;
creating stereo (3D) photos (anaglyph / side by side / .jps).
reading and converting RAW files. Opens photos more then 350 camera models. Full list here .
сreating a database for instant access to photos in large archives.
Adding / editing / deleting GPS tags just one click via Google maps;
converting any file format into any other format;
creating WEB and PC albums ;
editing or clearing EXIF data;
creating virtual albums and organizing thousands images under many file and EXIF parameters with logical OR, AND, NOT operations, work with whole and even parts of keywords;
sorting under many EXIF parameters, view sorting ;
full screen viewer with modes of filtering and sorting images and date/time navigation ;
creating and viewing photos, protected by password .
finding duplicates;
creating many files with different sizes from one picture at one step;
Step By Step mode;
log-file maintenance with extended diagnostics;
drug & drop supporting;
working with many widespread files formats: jpg, bmp, tiff, png, gif, jps, pns, mpo, arw, bay, bmq, cr2, crw, cs1, dc2, dcr, dng, erf, fff, hdr, ia, k25, kc2, kdc, mdc, mos, mrw, nef, orf, pef, pxn, raf, raw, rdc, sr2, srf, sti, x3f, nrw, rw2, 3fr, srw, ptx, rwl, mef, dcs, iiq.
setting any compression level, resolution value, aspect ratio;
multistep Wizard ;
generating 2D QR-barcodes from metadata contained in each photo.
Supports continuous scanning of folders and direct input from the clipboard.
Various modes of renaming files with same name in the output folder.
Backup, restore and sync.
Recovery from CD and DVD discs with a combining of 2 or more files.

* For the registered users will be possibly to install all new versions of the program free of charge. For this purpose it is necessary to install new trial version 'atop of' old registered version, WITHOUT DELETING IT. Thus the new version of the program will be full and registered.

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Details FastFotoScale
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  Additional options window   When pressing the button Advanced you open... more...  
  Rename   If you need rename fales... more...  
  Step By Step window   To activate tis window... more...  
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  Multi Output
  To create many pictures... more...
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  To make using the program more comfortable... more...
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How to get started with Fastfotoscale
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